BE ARCHITECTURE is an international practice specialized and operating within the fields of architecture and design, based in Frankfurt Main and led by Frank Brammer and Luis Etchegorry.

We understand and consider design as a key cultural aspect within any and every society. Design unfolds highlights, criticizes and enhances contemporary way-of-living and society’s essence. Thus, we aim to position BE ARCHITECTURE as a brand that can respond through a specific design sensitivity and intelligence to all society features.

We are an office interested in architectural possibilities. Set up as a platform for ideas exchange within a local and global context, our approach mixes keen analysis and formal experimentation into uniquely responsive designs. Thus, we perform as an integrated design environment forming clusters of architects, designers, thinkers, consultants, project partners and clients. BE ARCHITECTURE envisions an optimistic yet critical view towards the world by researching its trends and behaviors.

We offer cutting-edge design and an integrated methodological approach to all our projects. The emanating design is materialized conceptualization which is able to enter into a dialogue with contemporary life and society - and thus resulting in an added value to the project. This is possible due to a process set-up that offers a platform for the integration of client´s ideas, consultants and project partners form the first instance and throughout every project.

BE ARCHITECTURE has considerable experience and knowledge in complex assignments in the field of architecture, urbanism and interior design, throughout various scales and stage levels. These range from product design to urban master plans, through refurbishments, residential, retail and infrastructural projects. We focus as well in spatial experience design, brand spaces and temporary installations - allowing us to put into practice some of our research ideas.

Frank Brammer and Luis Etchegorry offer an international professional background which is embedded within the latest contemporary discourse. The high performance of our work derives from more than a decade of working experience on various projects from concept to realization, achieving a high level of internationally recognized design excellence. Our firm can offer an excellent insight into overseas building projects and collaborates successfully with local and international consultants. For each project, we facilitate a constant dialogue between the design teams and consultants to effectively lead design developments marked by a seamless flow of ideas, strategies and solutions pertaining to all aspects of the project large and small.

Our international background enables us to understand, assimilate, adapt and react to social, economic, cultural and aesthetic different realities. In a world where communication is at stake, we envision a differentiated response while at the same time delivering an integrated synthesis, able to cope with its contextual and contemporary necessities.

Thus, we perform as pragmatic as required, yet as elaborate and sophisticated as possible.