Asilia Africa Selous Safari Camp

Selous is a complex, layered ecosystem which offers travellers a different experience to the conventional East African safari. Here, wildlife is more elusive but also more refined. It is an ecological hotspot with billions of ingenious connections and inter-dependencies between species.

This refined reserve calls for a different safari experience. One where you can literally see, feel and experience the full majesty of nature in a more intimate, tactile and engaging way. It is a place where the marvel of the natural world unfolds in front of you. Together with you. This depth of authentic experience cannot be achieved through conventional thinking. It requires a complete paradigm shift and a transformational design. An understanding that our planet is a sustainable model built on a foundation that all living systems are connected; nothing is linear.

It is a place that, much like the Baobab, provides shade, shelter, nutrition, comfort and rich experiences to all who seek out its refuge. The camp is designed to enhance its surrounding biodiversity. It is Africa’s first immersive corporeal camp, where you can see the unseen, feel the untouched and hear the untold mitigated through layers of enhanced reality. 

Here deeper connections are made with fellow travellers, local communities, the wonders of nature and with yourself. Where hidden layers of natural life are peeled away, revealing the essence that lies within. 

Project team: Luis Etchegorry, A. Santarmos, P. Euler with Nature Nomads Amsterdam
Interior design: Studio Linse
Structure & sustainability: B + G Ingenieure Bollinger und Grohmann GmbH


Year: 2017
Location: Selous, Tansania
Typology: hospitality
Built Area: 20.000,00m²
Status: invited competition entry
Client: Asilia Africa