Data Center Walldorf
Frank Brammer for Franken Architekten

Business processes are being moved to the cloud, but where is the cloud coming to the ground? The data center in Walldorf is an expression of the growing importance of data centers as a building task - but do they have to hide in faceless functional buildings?

In 2 contruction stages, a total IT capacity of 8 MW was to be realized in 4 modules of 2 server halls. The challenge: to structure the significant expansion of the building architecturally. A polygonal shell made of expanded metal mesh protects the hidden technology like a Faraday cage. Like a piece of clothing, it flows around monolithic foundation structure and shapes it in a rhythmic way, making the building look different from every angle.

As a prelude to the company campus on the A5 motorway, the data center is a confident manifestation of the security and trustworthiness, but also openness and future orientation of a world-class brand.

Frank Brammer: Project Responsibility - Project Management - Design, HOAI Phases 1-8


Year: 2018
Location: Walldorf, Germany
Typology: Architecture
Built Area: 6.000,00m²
Status: built