Kaspar Schulz fair stand

The design for the Kaspar Schulz' trade fair stand was structured upon three main parameters:

  • the beer tanks should be the main character to be featured within the stand, exhibiting the high quality of the pressure and brew stainless steel machinery;
  • the construction system of the stand should be thought to be capable of reuse in future trade fairs;
  • the creation of a comfortable and haptic atmosphere should be balanced through the right combination between materials and architectural elements.

Thus, it was decided to create a clear distinction between the exterior and interior spaces of the stand through the construction of a white finished facia framing the intricate interior. As for the interior, the beer tanks were placed at a centred position, surrounded by a single material: industrial plywood boards, modularly articulated.

Grafic design: studioheyhey
Construction: Messe-Pro Becker & Heinrich GmbH


Year: 2015 - now
Location: Nürnberg & Münich, Germany
Typology: fair stand
Built Area: 120,00m²
Status: built
Client: Kaspar Schulz Brauereimaschinenfabrik & Apparatebauanstalt e.K.