Laube Liebe Hoffnung
Frank Brammer for Franken Architekten

“Laube Liebe Hoffnung” - originally conceived as a temporary pavilion - is a function room, restaurant and viewpoint for the newly created Europaviertel in Frankfurt am Main. Within a short period of time, the wooden building has evolved into the identity-creating meeting point of the district.
Its sculptural basic form sets the building distinctively apart from the austere architecture of the surrounding buildings and allows it to literally unfold as a solitaire. During the construction phase of the tunnel construction of the U5 subway, the structure used to tower daringly over the slope of the construction pit. After completion of the Europa Garden, the pavilion became a natural part of the parkscape.

Frank Brammer for Franken Architekten:
Project Supervision – Conceptual Design, HOAI phases 1-2


Year: 2013
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Typology: Architecture
Built Area: 440,00m²
Status: built
Photography:  Eibe Sönnecken