The KÜSHK Pavilion

The Digital Design Techniques studio from ASL - Architektur - Stadtplanung – Landschaftsplanung, Universität Kassel has digitally designed and fabricated the KÜSHK, a pavilion conformed by high performance cardboard panels throughout the summer semester term 2016.

The Küshk researches upon the use of high performance cardboard panels with the minimum admissible structural thickness in order to cover the maximum amount of surface area. The developed of the project was possible thanks to the Pfeiffer Foundation Architecture.

Team credits:
G.-Prof. Luis Etchegorry & Dipl.-Ing. MSc. Shahram Abbasian. Digitale Entwurfstechniken (Digital Design Techniques) studio, ASL Architektur - Stadtplanung – Landschaftsplanung, Universität Kassel. 
Student Summer Semester 2016: Patrick Euler, Nils Kühn, Teng Li, Xi Li, Yiyang Liu, Meng Ma, Yiyan Wei, Wen Xing, Hanieh Yari

Lighting design consulting: Florian Licht, lichtundsoehne
Structural consulting: Dipl.-Ing. Philipp Eisenbach
Material: Tri-Wall Germany GmbH
Support: Pfeiffer Foundation Architecture


Year: 2016
Location: Kassel, Germany
Typology: indoor pavilion
Built Area: 12,00m²
Status: built