Restaurants Westend – New Site
Frank Brammer for Franken Architekten

For the Book Fair 2015, three aging restaurants were to be completely remodelled. Two restaurants of completely different character were based on the same floor plan layout.

The restaurant "New Site" with its focus on Far Eastern cuisine plays with quotes of Japanese ceramics and ink graphics, while the restaurant "Westend" with its materiality of dark-stained wood and copper, as well as the typical diamond pattern of apple wine glasses - the Frankfurter "Geripptes" evokes associations with native cideries or breweries.

Circular ceiling elements, some with integrated lights, extend into the escalator foyer of the exhibition hall and thus make the former spatial separation disappear.

In addition to the two restaurant areas, a shared logistics floor with scullery and food storage areas was set up. Apart from that, the building services as well as the fire protection of the affected areas were completely modernized.

Frank Brammer for Franken Architekten GmbH
Project Responsibility - Project Management - Design, LPH 1-8


Year: 2015
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Typology: architecture, interior architecture
Built Area: 1.728,00m²
Status: built
Photography:  Eibe Sönnecken